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  • Rating: 9.0
  • Downloads: 196

  • Licence: Free
  • Language: English
  • Operating System: XP/Vista/7/8
  • Latest Version:
  • Latest Date: 3/30/2010
  • Size: 41.5MB
  • Developer: Pixel

Cave Story Download

Cave Story is a single player game developed by Studio Pixel.

Cave Story is a game with a compelling story, full of treason and quite complex. Despite the fact that it was released 10 years ago, in 2004, Cave Story is still active and loved by many.

Cave Story takes place in a cave on a floating island. Many of the inhabitants are Mimigas, rabbit-like creatures, that are slaughtered by soldiers in search of an artifact with magical powers called the Demon Crown.
In this scenario, the main character awakens with amnesia. The plot thickens as he discovers the doctor´s plans to conquer the world.
To accomplish this the doctor plans to intoxicate the remaining Mimigas with a red flower, which drives them into a killing frenzy. You are given the choice to escape the island on a Sky Dragon or take on the adventure of fighting the doctor and leading the Mimigas to freedom.

It´s up to you to defeat the doctor!

Cave Story Features

• Simple controls for moving, jumping, and shooting (using keyboard or gamepad)

• Upgradable weapons

• Interact with a variety of non-player characters and objects

• Bonus stage called the Sanctuary, where it´s up to you to free Ballos, the wizard who created the Demon Crown.

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  • Simple/Precise Controls
  • Art Style
  • Wicked Gameplay
  • Sometimes Direction Confusion
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